Starving Dietitian

Becoming Me

A jack of all trades, a master of none“. The quote hovered on the screen as if  aiming for me. It’s strange, in this era it seems everyone can be an expert on anything. Want to learn about chocolate? It takes about 20 hours of thorough reading and $100 of product samples to know more than 99% of people you’ll meet.

The question then becomes, why listen to the so-called “experts” at all? After-all, I learned loads about nutrition from the comfort of my pleather desk chair, hardly paying a cent to benefit from the smartest in the field. I gave advice to strangers and family alike, tailored my lifestyle to nutritional nirvana, and likely came across as someone who knew a lot about nutrition. What else could I ask for?

The problem is, despite knowing, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was cocky, overly confident, and thought I had “figured it all out”. That was, until I actually started my B.S. in Nutrition. That’s not to say that everything I learned was wrong, far from it in fact, I often felt like I had an upper-hand in classes because of my knowledge base. The issue was that I hadn’t learned the scientific method.

Nutrition is a complex beast. It pairs Biology with Physics, Biochem with Medicine, and throws in ideas from psychology, genetics, cooking, you name it. Pound for pound I think it’s one of the most diverse subjects taught in schools, but therein lies the issue. Every field has it’s own schools of thought. When you throw them all in the blender, as in the case of nutrition, you get an ever-changing, never-definitive answer.

This site will be a sort of strained, filtered, and purified word-vomit of the life and times of a hopeful Dietitian (myself), and his take on the world around him.

Be good to each other. Till next time.

– J. Iufer

Dietetic Intern 2012-2013


    • joshiufer

      I have a few ideas about what direction I want to head in but am starting a little slower. The videos are a good idea, I’d have to develop more of a stage presence to feel comfortable. Stay tuned for some posts in the coming weeks, a good one is scheduled for tomorrow.

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