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How to Cook Like Picasso


I’ve never met a scientist that didn’t like to cook.

I mean, I’ve met plenty of people that claimed to be scientists and didn’t like to cook but in my mind the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Why so harsh?

The reason I say this is partly out of my own bias, cooking is pretty freaking cool if you haven’t noticed. As someone who loves science, cooking is hands down the cheapest and most enjoyable way to conduct experiments.

I wonder what happens when I mix this vinegar with that baking soda? one intrepid cook once asked.

A huge mess and an extra grumpy mom is what.

Even still, the surprises will far outnumber the regrets and will most often still be edible, with a little Sriracha or frosting at least.

That being said, I wanted to give up some of the unexpectedly remarkable discoveries I’ve found over the years.

1. Use Mayonnaise as a base for mixing other condiments. SpiceyMayo

A personal favorite of mine is 2 T. Mayo, 2 T. Sriracha, and 1 T. Spicy Brown Mustard for a great sandwich or dipping sauce. Ketchup, Sriracha, and Mayo also pair into a killer Hot Ketchup. No really try it out.

2. Chili is easily improved with unusual ingredients.

Trying adding a dash of cinnamon (barely to taste) along with a Tbs or so of cocoa powder. The chocolate should be more of a faint sensation rather than a distinct flavor. Unique and well received.

3. Real Mac ‘n Cheese has to have mustard, cubed cheese, and brown

The mustard (powdered or yellow) emulsifies the fat and prevents graininess, the cubes melt slower and prevent texture boredom, and the brown ale simply tastes better. Easy Mac need not apply.

 4. Pesto added to White Sauce adds a novel twist to tired dishes.pesto pasta

This works best with white sauce entrees. No surprise. It does turn the dish green however.

5. Peanut butter simmered in coconut milk with garlic and basil turns a simple pasta into imitation Thai.

So we can’t all be rich and afford premade Thai sauces, it’s not called the Starving Dietitian for nothing. Reserve the judgment.

Now it’s your turn, post some of your eureka discoveries in the comments below. I promise I won’t sell them, for much.

Experiment wildly and be good to each other.

-J. Iufer

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