Starving Dietitian

The Real Food Pyramid

I want you to forget the food pyramid. Just find the space it’s taking up in your brain and delete it.  What’s left of it anyway.

You could say it’s  been suffering from an identity crisis. Nowadays it’s been replaced by MyPlate which is so simplified it missed the point entirely. Before that it was substituted with a half fangled pie chart pyramid that nobody really “got” in the first place. It’s tough having to explain to people that this,


is 3 generations old and the government is now pushing this.


So instead I’m saying, forget it all. I have a new pyramid for you that will explain a lot. I’m not saying it will replace me, or the need for dietitians, but it will dramatically simplify how you choose food.

The Minimalist Food Pyramid

Minimalist Food Pyramid

So it doesn’t win any awards for design, we can’t all be perfect. Look closer and you’ll see why it explains so much with so little. Not always, but the vast majority of food only falls into two of the above categories. For instance, a really juicy In-n-Out burger is without a doubt Delicious, and relatively speaking it’s pretty Cheap, what gets left out? You guessed it.

Cheap foods rely on low-cost high-flavor ingredients to keep you coming back. That includes sweet, salty, and fat. Healthful foods can have immense flavor, but it comes at a price. Ever tried grass-fed beef? It costs around 3 times more.

Remember this next time you’re picking up dinner.

Is it cheap? Does it taste good? Sorry Bob, it’s probably not very good for you.

Of course there’s more to it than this, and of course there will be exceptions. This is just a simple guide when you’re stuck deciding between that $3.00 Filet-o-Fish and the $15 Wild Salmon.

Be good to each other.

-J. Iufer

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  1. Neat way to think about food options! It reminds me of a pyramid I saw once for personality types – attractive, smart, and funny – usually a person is only two of the three. I don’t necessarily agree, but it was working under the same concept!

    You’re pretty accurate that foods that are cheap and delicious usually aren’t healthy.

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