Starving Dietitian

Food so Vintage

I heard it once said that great speeches admire the past and glorify the future. In this way we’re reminded of our efforts, and given hope for what’s to come.

I think this is our nature. We hop-scotch between the warm fuzzies of “simpler times” and the wonder of what ten generations of iPhone will bring.

This thought struck as I got a text of “vintage” cereal boxes. (From a modern Target)


Doesn’t it just trigger something inside of you? A feeling of childhood; care-free days watching morning cartoons in your pajamas. I’m too young to even remember these boxes and I get that feeling!

So I began looking for more. I really just wanted to see the changing perceptions of Americans, but instead got caught up in all the beautiful vintage food ads. Here are some of the best  I found.









 Appreciate your past and be good to each other.

-J. Iufer

More vintage Coke ads or if you’d rather buy one check out the Kitchn Blog for some help.

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