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Back when I was a kid, I remember hearing news of boycotts and picket lines. “Why don’t they just leave their jobs if they don’t like em?” I’d ask, unclear of motivations for such protests.

Nowadays I still hear of boycotts, but the last time it came from a television I can’t recall. See the fight against the invisible hand of “BIG” business has largely shifted onto the computer screen. For them, the web threatens to catch them in their deceit. For us, more opportunities than ever to practice capitalism with open access to information.

In that never ending fight for consumer freedom, today is a monumental day.

Have you ever been so peeved by Monsanto horror stories you vowed to never buy from them again? How’d that work out once you actually went shopping?

I’m guessing ‘la revolucion’ didn’t last long. The problem isn’t the intention, it’s that there’s just no easy way of knowing who is collecting each of your precious dollars.

At least there wasn’t, before Buycott. Available for iOS and Android since last week, the new app aims to change the way you hold grudges.


This app gives you, the consumer, power to take a picture of items in your cart and instantly see which multibillion dollar conglomerate would pocket your money.

You couldn’t begin to guess how many products belong to Coca Cola.


And to finish it all off. Buycott even lets  you join social boycotts and sends notice if you’re buying something counter to your beliefs.

It’s not often we stand before a service that can reinvent the supermarket. I think I hear Mighty Monsanto fuming in his mansion.

Be good to each other.

-J. Iufer

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