Starving Dietitian

Protein Insectum

There’s no denying food has an interesting future . We’ve looked at vidameat synthetics, and beyond meat substitutes, now we look at replacing it entirely.

The word for insect comes from the latin root ‘insectum’, translation ‘in sections’. Coincidentally, that’s what the market for meat will look like in the future. Meat as we know it, will be radically different. No longer will it just be beef, chicken, pork, and fish.

Maybe not in the U.S. but it’s very likely the world will see a shift towards alternate sources of protein. Just this week the United Nations began urging people to look at insects as a means of fighting world hunger.

You read correctly, protein insectum.

Insect Sushi Platter

Most of the developed world scoffs at the thought of scarfing down on creepy crawlies. The rest of world sees them as a delicacy! Now we’re being told that embracing this food source will be a driver for ending world hunger.

Worm burger anyone? Kidding, it's hot dogs.

Worm burger anyone? Kidding, it’s hot dogs.

Ironically the thought alone may drive enough to vegetarianism there won’t be a problem after-all. Then again, is it really worse than tales of pink-slime and horse-meat we hear of nowadays? At least this would be a healthy, protein rich source marketed in honesty.

Lest you’ve forgotten, lobster, the feast of fine dining, is biologically speaking comparable to an overgrown cockroach.

You may be sitting there swearing off meat as we speak, but if there’s one thing I’m trying to express through all of The Feast and Famine, it’s that change is inevitable. We need protein to grow, to build muscles for labor and chemicals for sleep. You can sit there clinging to traditions of what is or isn’t “food”, but when the time comes you’ll be starving for sustenance.

Eat up, tomorrow we dine on bugs.

Be good to each other.

-J. Iufer

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