Starving Dietitian

Cook to Cure

Gordon Ramsay

A writer who cannot make paper, is only an expert in ink.”

Can that really be true? Thousands of gifted writers have scaled the mountain to success without as much as a glimpse at a paper-mill.

And why should they? It’s not like the gift of language requires that knowledge. For all we care, as long as they write well we’re pretty happy with their skills.

So why is it then, Dietitians are expected to be good cooks?

I’m far from declaring myself a good cook. Mediocre at best, perhaps a few specialties here and there but most of what I do know I learned through the countless cooking classes I was required to take.

That doesn’t seem quite fair does it? Maybe you went into nutrition because you were good at biology, and now they expect Master Chef.

The reason I think, is twofold.

1. Cooking is the heart and soul of a healthful diet.

2. See number 1. 

Nutrition may be a mixed bag when it comes to specifics, but its pretty clear that home cooked food has an advantage over eating out. The reasons for this are too numerous to get into, but I’d consider my work a failure if I didn’t start encouraging a more active approach to eating.

With that being said, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t watch this new series. Gordon Ramsays Ultimate Cookery Course.

Episodes 1-20 can all be found on youtube from user Mckanas.

Here’s part one to pique your interest.

Now get cookin!

Be good to each other.

– Joshua Iufer

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