Starving Dietitian

Play With Food, Please!

How often growing up we’re told not to play with food.

Stop making your broccoli into a forest and just eat it” you might have heard

or “Mashed potatoes aren’t for farming pepper”.

There has always been a struggle between the imagination of children and the logic of the well-behaved.

How very unreasonable logic can be…

See the point isn’t to make kids see vegetables as a chore or job or duty. It’s to make them forget what they’re eating.

Strangest of all, I think parents understand this when they’re landing their “airplane” spoon into the gaping mouth of a 6 month old, but suddenly when the kid can feed himself it becomes “Don’t play with your food (insert name here)”. Huh?

So please, don’t teach your kids that playing with food is a bad thing. In time, that imagination will become the very thing that keeps them cooking.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what unbridled imagination can do.

Thanks to artist Hong Yi for the beautiful images.

Be good to each other.

– Joshua Iufer


  1. Tim

    Love the images, and the thoughts! I totally agree, being told to shut up and eat it b/c it’s good for you is not at all a compelling message. Raw, less processed foods allow for quite a broad range of imagination as the pictures demonstrate!

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