Starving Dietitian

It’s the Final Final.

I know I know, I’m a little behind on posts.

You’ll have to forgive the delay though. See, while I’m still the same person with or without the Registered Dietitian credential, there was still one last thing I needed to do.

Actually pass the test for my credential.

Easier said then done right?

So there I sat, glued to my desk, studying every nutrient and process, down to the very atoms that keep us running for days on end.

Throughout the whole thing all I could think was this phrase, “The Final Final”

It’s a strange thing to think of my education as being “finished”. I can definitely say for now, it comes as a relief.

But who knows how I’ll feel in the future. Forced knowledge is like forced eating, voluntary learning is fine dining.

Either way, I bring good news with this post.

After 18 years of education from Kindergarten to Internship, I can finally talk to you all as…

– Joshua Iufer, RD

Stay tuned for what this will mean going forward.


Until then, be good to each other.


  1. @Christine, just Inmans Study Guide. I didn’t even end up using the audio tapes since I’m much more of a read/write and kinesthetic learner. I did most if not all of the practice questions, made a list of the concepts involved with questions I got wrong, and then went through the packets taking notes on those areas. Maybe I’ll write a follow up post on my process to help others out.

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