Starving Dietitian

Newer Than New

Ahh a clean slate, a blank page, an open frame of mind. Sometimes change is just what you need to spice things up a little. This redesign has been in the process for quite a while, but it took time and planning to figure out how it could all click together. Let’s take a minute to get situated.

top left arrow

Top Left you’ll find much of what you’re used to, About Me, All Posts, and that dashing Logo heading it up.

top right

Top Right on the homepage you’ll find an awesome new feature to give you flexibility in browsing new and old posts alike.


See that little icon? Go ahead and click the one to the right.



Cool right? I know. I’m totally stoked too.

This way you can browse by post summary or by title image, whatever suits you best.

left arrow

Far Left over here you’ll find all the usual, Facebook Page, Trending Topics, and a fancy cloud showing which topics I just can’t shut up about.

And Lastly….

bottom left arrow

Way down at the bottom you’ll find page stats, quick links, and the jump to turn you into a wordpress follower.

Most of all, enjoy the new space, literally. More space for the words to stretch their legs, the pictures to strut their stuff, and your eyes to take it all in.

Welcome to the new Starving Dietitian.

Be Good to Each Other.

– Joshua Iufer, RD

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