Starving Dietitian

Plentiful Powdered Foods

Friends, we are at the doorstep of a radical new way to view the foods we eat.

I’ve mentioned products like Soylent before, and I’ll be the first to admit I was initially weary of the idea. That was, until I started providing consults for some of the dieters.

“It gives me a feeling that I can control food again”


“Even one meal a day is so much easier”

These are some of my clients’ phrases I couldn’t get out of my head. And for good reason.

The market itself is rife with innovation. I don’t believe there has ever been a time where the precision of needs has been looked at quite as closely as what is happening now.

Dietitian Soylent 100%

Space Food

Dietitian Mana Soylent


Dietitian Joylent Nutrition


A new product is born everyday, specializing in needs, activities, and diets.

But it doesn’t stop there, this demand isn’t just for one product. It’s far, far, bigger than that. As the market has expanded there’s been a monumental rise in questions. The hunger for informed decisions has risen in lock step with the explosion of powdered foods. So I was asked to consult on a handful of questions… that handful has turned into a mountain.

And still, it didn’t stop there. Producers heard each other echo the discovery that even with powdered foods, what people really wanted was choices. After all, our lifestyles, our bodies, and our needs are all unique. Taking control of our food shouldn’t come at the expense of options (or flavors in the context of Soylent).

So today, after months of collaboration, I am pleased to introduce a side project I’ve been helping with, the Powdered Foods Marketplace.

Dietitian Powdered Foods

For those of you interested in venturing into Complete Nutrition Formulas, you will finally have the freedom to choose. Many people I’ve consulted had committed to Soylent but were afraid of the consequences. Here, you can mix and match batches of different products to provide you the same variety as a standard diet, without the hassle of cooking.

Where do I come in?

One thing I’ve realized as a Dietitian, is that I can’t stop the world from changing. Fad diets will come and go, studies will prove and disprove ingredients, and my main job, let’s call it a duty, is to make sure people are safe.

I looked at this rapidly growing market, and saw a painful absence of RDs.

I myself perform strict nutritional analysis of each product, and help the market make more informed choices. And, when needed, answer whatever question they can throw over at the Forum.

We are at the beginning of something big, something that in all likelihood will change the face of nutrition for the decade to come.

So let us do the work, while you spend your time doing what really matters…

Deciding what you want food to do for you.

Be good to each other

Joshua Iufer, RD


p.s. should you feel hesitant, I am more than willing to provide private consultation throughout your journey. Just shoot an email over to for pricing and options.

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