Starving Dietitian

Updates & Upgrades

It might not seem like much but there’s been some serious behind the scenes work going on around here.

This might be a slight rant here but for all those who are new to blogging or thinking of starting your own, you’ll want to read ahead.

WordPress is a great service and I do mean that with all honesty. It’s easy to get going, easy to start writing, and somewhat easy to customize. The problem, is that WordPress is a used-car salesman, at least in terms of tricks. What isn’t outright apparent when you start a blog with WP is that there’s a and a Both are free, use the same system, and have the same name.

What they don’t tell you is that wants all of your money. Start a free blog and want to change the color? You’ll pay for that. Want to get a new theme? You’ll pay for that too. Oh I almost forgot, they’ll add ads to your blog posts, but you can remove them…for a fee. Do you want to use Google analytics? Nope sorry, they won’t let you. Want to use paid ads on your blog? Nope they won’t allow that either.

For a few years I’ve been increasingly frustrated by these limitations, especially as the blog has grown. So what happens when you want to switch from to Well you can, but it will cost you.

It wasn’t terribly expensive, but the cost wasn’t the worst part. It requires a range of web-hosting knowledge, emailing wordpress, and transferring subscribers, urls, etc. etc. Needless to say it wasn’t fun. After a long time coming I finally bit the bullet and trudged through it.

So for those still reading, if at any point you plan to use wordpress, do yourself a huge favor and start with WordPress.Org. It’s not quite as easy as setting things up on but given the very real chance that you’ll eventually want to transition, it will pay off tremendously.

Whew. Enough of that.

Now for the good part! Because I’ve transitioned there’s a range of things I was able to change about the site. For one, no more annoying wordpress ads at the bottom of articles. I can also add things like Google Analytics to see where my readers are coming from, or what kinds of devices the site should support. Subtle color changes and page widths join the mix as well.

Lastly, I can finally add something I’ve wanted for a very long time. If you’ve ever wanted to buy a fish-oil and thought “Which one is the best?”, this is your answer to that. Each item in the webstore is reviewed and tested. As I expand the products I feel comfortable recommending the store will grow as well. So if you haven’t found it yet take a look by the ‘About’ and ‘All Posts’ links top left. This helps me keep the blog running as well as support future design changes. So if you’re looking for Dietitian Approved products, take a moment to check out the Starving RD WebStore

Hope you all like the changes! Feel free to leave any feedback you might have and as always, thanks for reading.

Be Good to Each Other.

Joshua Iufer, RD

If you’re looking to transition your own blog, you can read more about the process here, with some helpful links here and here as well.

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