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PSA: Flu Season Is Never Really Over

It’s rare to go a week without seeing a patient with the Flu. Some of the time they outright deny that they could have the flu, “But it’s not flu season anymore”, they say to me. Well, here’s the catch. Flu season depends on the weather more than the month. With the impressively cold late winter and early spring across the United States this year, flu season has been longer than ever. So to help you out I thought I’d share this little infographic. Remember, avoiding the flu is more than just feeling good, it also means saving money on medicine, reducing your paid time off, and preventing even more serious illnesses. Do you know what germs your hands have touched? No? Then go wash them!


Click to Enlarge Image

Hand Washing Basics


Be good to each other, and wash your hands!

– Joshua Iufer, RD

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