Starving Dietitian

Generational Confusion

*Taken from my personal Facebook page, I felt it had a place here on my blog as well.*

Maybe it’s just me but there seems to be an increasing number of news aimed at “millennial scapegoating” where companies blame or devalue the perspective of today’s youth. Having managed both ends of the age-spectrum I have my gripes against every generation, but what that really says is that classifying anyone as a product of their generation is short-sighted. I’ve seen 60 year olds act as gossipy as 18 year olds, and 20 year olds show the selflessness of a 40 year old, to define them by anything other then their individual skills is as ignorant as saying you hate Mexican Food because you don’t like the taste of Taco Bell. So this goes out to everyone.

1. People who grew up with the internet use it differently than those who didn’t. Some are better, some are worse, but there’s still a difference and that’s ok.

2. Change is going to happen. It will be slower than some people wish for (to the dismay of some), but it will undoubtedly happen (to the dismay of others).

3. Blaming any generation for the difficulties (or changes) inflicted on your generation is like chewing bubblegum because you’re hungry. You might feel like you’re solving something but you’re not.

4. Business will change, not because youth feel entitled and self-involved, but because the internet afforded an openness and ease of information that literally changed economics. If you blame the youth for lost profits, you need to evaluate how in touch you are with the current market.

5. Every generation has unique struggles.

6. Millennials have expert-recognized unique struggles due to cost of living, cost of education, wage gap, and once in a lifetime recession (just as they hit the job market).

7. Some people who can’t afford houses afford other luxuries. This is not for lack of want. Buying an $800 phone seems excessive, but it’s a small drop compared to a $750,000 house.

8. There are lazy people from every generation, there are also brilliant game-changers. You can’t reasonably call any generation lazy or entitled.

9. Every generation can learn something from every other generation.

10. At the core, “generations” are just marketing fluff to try to sell more product, or headlines, or to scapegoat. Anyone can desire a relaxed work environment like a “Millennial” or to work somewhere for higher pay instead of better perks, like a “Boomer”. True generations as they’re defined don’t actually exist.

So next time you see a headline with “Millennial”, replace the word with whatever make-shift name your decade of friends were unknowingly born into and consider whether that’s a reasonable thing to be stereotyping about 80 Million individual human beings.

Best of wishes,



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