Joshua Iufer PortraitI’m Josh, a Clinical Director of Food and Nutrition and Registered Dietitian. My passion for science roots deep and I’m eager to  teach both sides of every story. I write about the truths, half-truths, and flat out lies in the food, nutrition, and healthcare world. I’ll be your guide between the chaotic state of mainstream nutrition and the difficulties of clinical nutrition. Stay awhile and learn how technology is shaping digital health in the 21st century. Get in touch at starvingdietitian@gmail.com.

Dietary consultations and pricing available upon request.


Eat to Move

Move to Live

Live to Eat

Be Good to Each Other

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    • J. Iufer

      Thanks Alesya I really appreciate the feedback! We’re in such an open-ended field but I feel the many avenues for work aren’t always discussed. Hopefully as more people share about what’s out there the profession will grow even larger.

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